Induction roaster machine

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Product Details:

Body Material SS 304 Frame Stainless Steel
Usage/Application Commercial
Capacity 10Kgs Per Batch
Power Consumption 5kW – 35kW
Brand Lorman
Material Stainless Steel
Machine Type Automatic,Semi-Automatic
Working Voltage 220V 50Hz
Working Temp Range -10C~45 Degree C
Usage Commercial
Min Temp 45 Degree C
Max Temp 300 Degree C

ROASTE -10 Kgs Per Batch

  • Place of origin: Bangalore India
  • Brand name: Lorman
  • Model number: LT-BR-10, LT-BR-25, LT-BR-50, LT-BR-100, LT-BR-200
  • Application: Nuts, Seeds, Beans, Spices & Grains etc.
  • Voltage: 220V- 415V
  • Power(w): 5kW, 8kW, 12kW, 18kW, 32kW
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • After-sales service provided on site
  • Highest temperature: 280°C
  • Rotating speed: 0~50RPM, frequency adjustable
  • Working condition: Temp.:0~45 centigrade, m.c.:≤75%rh
  • Delivery detail:35 days*approx

Induction heating is the most advanced heating technology in the heating world. Any electrically conductive material, placed in a variable magnetic field, is the site of induced the eddy currents. Due to the Joule effect these currents dissipate heat in the material in which they appear. So from the macro perspectives, the drum is the heating source And heats the food directly.
Advantages of Induction:
1. Energy saving. The heating efficiency can be as high as 90%.
2. Heating fast. Temperature rising speed
3. Heating evenly. Every spot of the heating area is of the same temperature.
4. Accurate temperature control. Highest temperature: 280°C,
5. Fully automatic.
6.Temperature, drum rotating speed, and heating